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What is Mifgash?

Mifgash Jewish Community High School Program is a community of Jewish students who meet weekly to learn from engaging faculty. Our students come from many different backgrounds, and all are united in a commitment to Jewish learning and a willingness to contribute to classroom discussions.

Our mission is to create an active learning community that is responsive to the needs of Jewish teens, and to offer teens opportunities to strengthen their Jewish identity and knowledge, their connection to the Jewish community, and their bond to Israel.


Mifgash welcomes all Jewish students in grades 8-12. Students choose their own classes from a diverse selection of courses. Every semester offers the chance to try something new! All of our classes are discussion-based, and there are no tests, quizzes or exams.

Mifgash provides teens with a venue to continue their Jewish studies during their high school years.


Mifgash transforms our students from Jewish learners to Jewish leaders.




Mifgash allows me to connect with other Jewish teens in a meaningful way. I get to see friends and learn from very talented teachers.


Mifgash gives me a chance to see my friends and learn new things from incredible teachers.



​I think Mifgash is an amazing program! There are so many different courses that it makes it hard to just choose two every semester.



​Mifgash provides the guiding atmosphere to promote critical thinking and questioning skills I need to grow into a successful adult with a living connection to Israel.


Live, Love, Mifgash. I love the Jewish Community Mifgash has created for me and the teachers are amazing :)


Mifgash is a great opportunity to unwind with Jewish friends at the end of the week, while also learning new and interesting things. I love Mifgash :))))


Mifgash is a great combination of learning and fun. I get to see my friends every week whom I don't get to see at school, but the classes are also a serious endeavor.

Mifgash is a member of the North American Association for Community and Congregational Hebrew High Schools and

is partially funded by the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York.

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