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1. Download the forms to your computer. 2. Open the form with Acrobat Reader. 3. Fill out the form. 4. Click on the send button at the end of the form when finished. 5. Your email will be opened automatically with the form attached, and just click send an email.

Thank You :)

Mifgash students not only continued studying during the COVID19 pandemic, but we also increased learning opportunities for all students. All Mifgash students were invited and encouraged to participate in any/all of the four courses offered this semester.

Our faculty easily and successfully transitioned to online teaching and engaged with the students on a variety of topics ranging from text study, ethics, hands-on cooking opportunities, and discussing current events. 

We celebrated the end of the year together as a community through wonderful Zoom graduation and look forward to continuing gathering, studying, socializing, and being part of our Mifgash Teen Community.

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