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Spring 2019

Game On!

Stephanie Fisher

This course is about fun with a Jewish twist!  Each week students will play a different game which will feature Jewish topics - Apples to Apples, Jewpardy, Scrabble, etc...learning through play - the Mifgash way!

Jews in the News

Arnon Adler

A lively and provocative discussion-based analysis of current events and significant topics of concern to us as Jewish high school students living in an ever-evolving national and international political, cultural and social scene. While experience has demonstrated that it is next to impossible to predict exactly what events and situations will arise in the United States, Israel and the world in the next few months that will merit our attention and review, a few topics are likely as we approach the Fall 2017 semester. 

Judaism and American Law

David Weinstein

This class will provide students with a general understanding of issues in American Law that impact the Jewish community, in particular, on Supreme Court cases addressing Church-State relations, and will also touch on other cases relating to American Jewry.

The goal of the class is for the students to gain a greater understanding of important legal issues affecting the Jewish community, and how they are decided.  We will focus in particular on important historical court cases and discussing certain basic concepts about the American legal system, the history and meaning of the First Amendment’s religious freedom clauses, discussions of the rights of Jewish soldiers to wear kippot (the Goldman v Weinberger case), the rights of Jewish prisoners, school prayer, and other issues impacting Jews students in the public schools.

Jews, Booze, and Tattoos….

Stephanie Fisher

A friend is texting while driving, an overweight classmate is being harassed, at a party and you’re offered a beer...  High school isn't just about skipping gym.  The modern teen tackles rumors, stress, politics, stigma and misconception of mental health, regrets.  

The course will encourage students to challenge and discuss their attachment to Judaism and its application to their everyday lives amidst . Topics will include medical ethics issues, social issues and issues relating to current events.  What would a hidden camera reveal about your reactions to some of the tough ethical decisions facing teens today? 

Top Chef Israeli Style

Rivi Bahir

Do you ever watch Chopped and think, “I could do that!”? Do you love to cook or want to learn how? Here’s your chance to create delicious recipes while simultaneously learning Hebrew. In this class, the students will explore, prepare, and eat Israeli foods representing different ethnic culinary customs. Each session is conducted in English and Hebrew, and includes vocabulary words and a history lesson related to each recipe.

Participants will learn about Ashkenazi and Sephardic community cultures and their different styles of cooking.

Smashing Good Time with Mifgash Mosaics

Amy Rosenstrauch

The focus of this class will be mosaics.  As part of this class, there will be a historical overview of the first mosaics in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and biblical themed mosaics from the Roman era in Israel, Byzantium, Medieval, to modern artists.  We will use the techniques of mosaic in many forms. Students will learn how to use a wheeled nipper to create mosaic tesserae on a micro level. They will embed their tiny glass pieces into epoxy putty within a frame of a Magen David.  Using pre-cut diamond shaped stained glass tesserae the students will form tessellating Magen Davids. Their tessellations will be glued and grouted to a hexagonal tile to create a lazy-susan for a table. An experimental piece of art will be explored using clay and glass.  The students will construct a Jewish themed design using clay coils to simulate the lead came lines in stained glass. The clay compartments between the coils will be glazed and filled with small pieces of stained glass. Their decorative piece will be fired in a kiln to melt the glaze and glass.  After firing the pieces will have the look of stained glass with added surprises!!!

Jew U

Stephanie Fisher

​Ah college. Freedom, independence, higher education, slip-n-slides in the hallway, with all the incredible wonders college has to offer you jewishness might not be one of them. At JewU you and other coeds will get a sneak peek into college life and discuses how to establish the Jewish identity you want. Where will you be the first few weekends of school when you family is celebrating Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and your roommates are out meeting new people? How are you going to keep your culture and heritage if you are the only Jew on the quad? Be prepared for the best years of your life, enroll in JewU today.

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