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Fall 2019

Holocaust and Art

Stephanie Fisher

To study the Holocaust through the medium of art sounds both interesting and ironic.  This class will look at the Shoah, the Holocaust by studying the visual culture of the events leading up, during and after this time period through the eyes of those who experienced it.  We will study paintings, sculpture propaganda, political cartoons, unconventional artwork and even children’s storybooks that expresses the history and social zeitgeist of our history. 

Jews in the News

Arnon Adler

Concerned about current political, social and cultural trends and events in the news?  Pondering what the lead-up to the 2020 presidential elections will surface?  Looking forward to taking a trip in the next few years to Israel and interested in getting some of the 4-1-1 on what’s going on there?   Wonder how things got to this point from a historical context?  Would you enjoy discussing and even debating these topics in a fun and safe but lively and provocative class with your fellow Jewish high school students?   While you never know what events and situations might occur in the United States, Israel, and the World in the next few months that will merit our attention and review, they surely will be interesting and challenging!  Come join us and find out.

Personal Essay Workshop

Jay Deitcher

Irving Berlin said, "Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it." Whether you live a life filled with drama and excitement or a quiet humble one: you have something to say and you are the only person who can say it in your unique way. This class will help you find your voice, mine the wealth of your experiences to find the story you need to tell, flesh it out, workshop it, and turn it into a gem. We will explore the spectrum of places hungry for young Jewish writers' work and discuss why it's important to accentuate our distinct backgrounds, views, and quirks.

TV, Music, and Comic Books: Who Do They Think We Are?

Jay Deitcher

Jews are funny, Jews are smart, Jews are great at this, but are AWFUL at that. There are so many Jewish stereotypes on our TV screens, throughout music videos, in pro-wrestling and comic books. We're gonna watch clips and kvetch about it all. How do stereotypes make us feel? Do they define us? Are some good?

Top Chef Israeli Style

Rivi Bahir

Do you ever watch Chopped and think, “I could do that!”? Do you love to cook or want to learn how? Here’s your chance to create delicious recipes while simultaneously learning Hebrew. In this class, the students will explore, prepare, and eat Israeli foods representing different ethnic culinary customs. Each session is conducted in English and Hebrew and includes vocabulary words and a history lesson related to each recipe.

Participants will learn about Ashkenazi and Sephardic community cultures and their different styles of cooking.

Artistic Shabbat Extravaganza

Amy Rosenstrauch

In this class, we will use the Jewish concept of 'Hiddur mitzvah' (beautifying our ritual objects to heighten the experience of Shabbat) to guide our projects.  Our projects will be based on the Jewish rituals we preform on Shabbat.  We will use a wide range of fun and exciting materials.  To aid us in our creating a silk challah cover, we will use stencils and spray dyes.  We will collage small pieces of glass, fuse them into colorful medallions flecked with reflective metallic bits and adhere them to a glass kiddush cup.  To add images and patterns to our ceramic Shabbat candlesticks we will pick and choose from a variety of rice paper tissue transfer designs.  We will top off our Artistic Shabbat Extravaganza painting on wooden challah boards with acrylic paints and add a dose of bling with glitter and mirror mosaic tiles. 

Eat, Pray, Love...

Stephanie Fisher

Who am I?, How much is social media a part of me? Did you really just say that?  I wish I looked like…

Sorry not sorry, I want the tattoo!  Topics will include medical ethics issues, social issues, and issues relating to current events.  What would a hidden camera reveal about your reactions to some of the tough ethical decisions facing teens today?

All this and more to be discussed in this class!  We will review the hot topics of social media, identity, pressures of high school and more!

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