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Spring 2020

It's All About You! CM- Ethics and Values

Stephanie Fisher

This course, supported by the Chai Mitzvah curriculum,  includes Text learning, social action discussions, and ritual opportunities and activities on topics such as  Friendship, Humility, Gratitude, Trust, Compassion, Wisdom, Generosity and more.  Through this dynamic and meaningful course students will be building self-esteem, Jewish identity, Jewish Literacy and be provided with opportunities for positive personal expression.

Top Chef Israeli Style

Rivi Bahir

Do you ever watch Chopped and think, “I could do that!”? Do you love to cook or want to learn how? Here’s your chance to create delicious recipes while simultaneously learning Hebrew. In this class, the students will explore, prepare, and eat Israeli foods representing different ethnic culinary customs. Each session is conducted in English and Hebrew and includes vocabulary words and a history lesson related to each recipe.

Participants will learn about Ashkenazi and Sephardic community cultures and their different styles of cooking.

Jews in the News

Arnon Adler

Concerned about current political, social and cultural trends and events in the news?  Pondering what the lead-up to the 2020 presidential elections will surface?  Looking forward to taking a trip in the next few years to Israel and interested in getting some of the 4-1-1 on what’s going on there?   Wonder how things got to this point from a historical context?  Would you enjoy discussing and even debating these topics in a fun and safe but lively and provocative class with your fellow Jewish high school students?   While you never know what events and situations might occur in the United States, Israel, and the World in the next few months that will merit our attention and review, they surely will be interesting and challenging!  Come join us and find out.

TV, Music, and Comic Books: Who Do They Think We Are?

Jay Deitcher

Jews are funny, Jews are smart, Jews are great at this, but are AWFUL at that. There are so many Jewish stereotypes on our TV screens, throughout music videos, in pro-wrestling and comic books. We're gonna watch clips and kvetch about it all. How do stereotypes make us feel? Do they define us? Are some good?

Hot Topics and Great Debates

Stephanie Fisher

A class that will broach sensitive issues with today's teens.  Topics such as abortion, euthanasia, school violence, cloning, the death penalty, and sexuality will include a comprehensive overview of each topic, as well as intriguing scenarios highlighting how Jewish responses to these issues have changed over time.  Text study passages, overviews of both traditional and modern Jewish views and attitudes, and listings of related virtues (middot) and commandments (mitzvot) for each topic promote discussion and understanding of Judaism's approach to grappling with some of today's most highly charged subjects.

Jewish Comedy, Reality TV, and Maybe Some Baking?

Jay Deitcher

I asked you what you wanted me to teach you. I listened to some of it. I ignored a lot. We will watch a ton of comedy clips and discuss what makes comedy so Jewish. Then, we will laugh at reality TV (we will search out the cringe-worthy Jewish characters, of course) and make a few TikToks. And some kids will teach me to bake something.

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