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Cath a glimpse of what Mifgash is all about!

Mifgash Jewish Community High School Program is an organization of Jewish students who meet weekly to learn from engaging faculty. Its mission is to create an active learning community responsive to the needs of Jewish teens, and to offer opportunities to strengthen their Jewish identity and knowledge, while promoting their bonds with Israel and with their community.

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Purchase "Flavors" by Rivi Bahir

This cookbook features Rivi’s favorite Israeli recipes, including those from her cooking classes at Mifgash Jewish Community High School.

“Food is more than a material thing. I create atmosphere, with its aromas, colors, textures and presentation. I envision conducting a symphony as I utilize all these elements in my cooking.”  - Rivi Bahir 

I think Mifgash is an amazing program! There are so many different courses that it makes it hard to just choose two every semester.

Gahl A.

Mifgash is a great combination of learning and fun. I get to see my friends every week who I don't get to see at school, but the classes are also a serious endeavor.

Jeremy Z.

Mifgash provides the guiding atmosphere to promote critical thinking and questioning skills I need to grow into a successful adult with a living connection to Israel.

Noah L.

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We had so much fun at the Sukkah Hop!! We visited three of our local synagogues Sukkahs, we had meaningful discussions with our Rabbis and enjoyed seeing each other very much.

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