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Israel Solidarity Program

On Sunday, October 25th, in between classes, Mifgash scheduled a special Israel Solidarity event. In order to make sure that all of our students are aware of the difficult situation that Israel has been experiencing the past few weeks, we felt it necessary to plan this program to inform the students about the situation to add the element of prayer, by Arnie Adler, our faculty historian current events teacher, to say the prayer for state of Israel, our native Israeli Rivi Bahir, who also lit a memorial candle in memory of those who have perished in the past few weeks and to lead us in Hatikvah. All of the students stood respectfully and joined in singing the Hatikvah.

Finally, the service concluded and all of the students were offered the opportunity to participate in Henna Hands for Peace, in which they students could choose Henna tattoos of various symbols such as Peace signs, flowers, doves, hamsas, etc..

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