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Spring 2016 Registration and Pasta Dinner

Mifgash blasts into 2016 with an amazing array of courses: Judaism in American Law (D.W.), With "Friends" Like These...The Ethical Dilemmas of Facebook/Social Media (Stephanie Fisher), How to Win and Argument: Jewish Teenager Edition (Daniel Bernstein), Israeli Dance Class (Caitlyn Swyer), What's Nu? (Arnie Adler), Junior/Senior Seminar (Arnie Adler), Cooking from the Soul (Rivi Bahir), Tikkun Olam/Community Service (Stephanie Fisher), Where Do You Fit In? Exploring LGBQT in Judaism (Sandy Johnston/Gabriella Spitzer), The Animals in Halacha (Jewish Law) & Aggadah (Jewish Stories) (Sandy Johnston/Gabriella Spitzer).

All are invited to come, meet, eat and learn @ MIFGASH! @ Ohav!


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