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Fall 2020

Inner Strength: Avenues for Jewish Values to Adapt (During a Pandemic)

Stephanie Fisher

A class that will broach sensitive issues with today's teens.  The COVID 19 pandemic has changed how we navigate daily activities, social events, and stirred up difficult emotions.  This pandemic has also offered opportunities to adapt, add new projects and skills to life, and connect with loved ones in new ways.  This class will build what is strong about each of us. This class will focus on Jewish angles within coping with the challenges of COVID and adaptable skills to help others, connect, and grow.  Jewish concepts include preserving our health, being a part of the community, visiting the sick, having a listening ear and a good heart, and much more!

Zooming to an Israeli Culinary Journey

Rivi Bahir

Come join me as we discover a variety of foods that characterize the different places in Israel. We will get to know the Land of Israel, the different cities and the places of settlement through the food: we will make a Druze “Labneh” from the northern Galilee, and learn who the Druze are, we will get to know the Bedouin in the south and the food that characterizes them. Together we will learn how food ties down and connects the different cultures of Israel.
So if you always wanted to bring Aroma and scent from the Israeli kitchen to your home, if you want to increase your knowledge of spices and flavors? If you ever wanted to surprise your family with a wonderful and delicious dinner?

if you want to enrich your skills and to be the best cook in college, and if you want to do all these things while learning some new words in Hebrew - this class is for you! Lets Zoom and cook together!

Jews in the News

Arnon Adler

Concerned about current political, social, and cultural trends during the COVID pandemic?  Wondering how the heck we are going to conduct a presidential election less than three months from now with most of us are sitting at home?  Do you want the dirt on our presidential candidates, like Kanye West {okay, maybe we'll discuss President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden's positions too)?  Would you enjoy trying to predict the outcome of the most challenging and complex election in our history and its potential impact on our Jewish community?  Would you enjoy discussing and even debating these topics in a fun and safe but lively and provocative class with your fellow Jewish high school students?  If so, this special Fall 2020 edition of Jews in the News, which will focus on a presidential election like none other, in a time like none other, might be the Mifgash class for you!

The Many Faces of Judaism

Jay Deitcher

Every day before the pandemic hit, Jews shuttled in and out of Poland on heritage tours, eager to visit the camps their ancestors perished in. This class would ask why we still visit a country at that time and again have shown they didn't want us. Me and my crew of students will discuss where their family is from, and we'll learn about other Jewish communities around the world, in Nigeria, in Argentina, in Israel, in Mexico, and elsewhere, watching music videos from each country and learning about their foods. We'll look at what community remains in Eastern Europe, and answer the question of where we'd feel most Jewish, in Auschwitz or celebrating Shabbat with Jews in Ghana.

Visual Arts Taught Virtually

Amy Rosenstrauch

Join me online for two fun painting projects and an exercise in collage.

We’ll be painting a canvas with a Jerusalem theme but this won’t be a step-by-step Sip and Paint. Instead, this will be painting lessons to bring out your creativity and individuality. Our painting lesson will stress basic art principles like
perspective, color mixing, and shading. We’ll supply you with a canvas, paint, and brushes. All you’ll need is a water bucket, paper towels, and your enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities with paint. Our second project is a Chanukkah themed painting that will be painted on a glass plate. We will use glass paints to create a stained glass look to bring color and light to your Chanukkah celebration. A crazy collage of black and white photos with pictures you take will be incorporated into the mix.

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